Frank Patrícia Stylist

My name is Patrícia Frank. I’m a Stylist, Personal Stylist and Style Advisor. I have been taking care of style and appearance for 15 years. Fasion and apparel are the common language of our culture, telling much about our personality, bringing out what we mean. First and last, the most important thing in making expression. As a senior stylist of RTL Klub and Hír Tv I realised how significant the outfit and appearance are in efficiency and self-confidence. My main task and responsibility is to bring the showmen into an immaculate, „ready-to-action” form. While taking part in the stylist service of CorvinPlaza I have the chance to help local people to find their outfit in harmony with their personality. The profession of Personal Style Advisor is about to help and gives instant feedback. The client’s pleasure is mine. My purpose is to get more and more people to use this service saving money, energy and time. Finally to leave satisfied. People don’t know how many colours and faces they have and that’s why I want to help them. To see confident people and give them joy. In additional I have the qualification of Life Coach, so I’m related to psychology which is essencial to find common voice and efficiency

„Stylist” is a designer of the whole vision of other people’s appearance, clothing, hair style and look.

Fashion is not just about clothing. Fashion is rather about our thoughts.

Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel

Elegance is refusal, the less is more.